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How To Trace A GPS Enabled Mobile Phone with Phone On Map

Yes Guys, this is now possible…I m not jokingMany of us think that this is not possible or we have to spend some money for such services but believe me that we don’t have to spend any money for getting this done.  Yes, PhoneOnMap makes it possible, which provides a free application that has to be installed in GPS cell phone and you are

Hide Files In Calculator!

Having read the title of this post you may be wondering if it’s really possible. Yeah! It is possible. As the word suggests, it’s a calculator with a safe which is capable of storing and keeping your files and folders safe. The safe calculator looks just like the default calculator in Windows and in fact it can

How-To Recover lost/corrupted Files from CD/DVD

Having All your Information stored on CD/DVD is the gravest thing you could ever make if you dont give enough care to the medium..The worst nightmare for anyone could be .. when these CD/DVD gets corrupted or get scratched..Dont worry… here is the solution ..Now recover all those lost files with this little application.. Smart

64 Tips to Make Windows 7 Faster, Secure, Easy to Use

Hello Guys ,these are some tips for Windows 7 users ..  Windows 7 may be Microsoft’s most anticipated product ever. It builds on Windows Vista’s positives, and eliminates many of that OS’s negatives. It adds new functionality, too—all in a package that is less resource-hungry than its predecessor. And whether or not you’re upgrading from

Find Serials For Anything In Google

Crack or find any serial for what you want(softwares,games etc).. This is the easiest way to find serials for all software or any other thing(anything), crack any serial for any software,games and many more… Let us see how? There is simple code for it you can easily remember ’94FBR'(code)If you want to find the serial for

Folder Lock With Password Without Any Software

Paste the code given below in notepad and ‘Save’ it as batch file (with extension ‘.bat’).Any name will do.Then you see a batch file. Double click on this batch file to create a folder locker.New folder named ‘Locker’ would be formed at the same location.Now bring all the files you want to hide in the