Adobe Photoshop 5 Free And Full – Crack+Serial

Step 1
First you need to download and install the Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Trial from the Adobe website. (You’re going to need a free account.) URL:

Step 2

Then once the trial is installed, make sure Photoshop is closed and navigate to this directory:


Step 3

Download the zip archive given below . Inside the archive there’s a file titled “hosts”. Extract this file to your desktop, then copy it to the above directory given in step 2 (driversetc). It should ask if you want to overwrite or replace the file. CLick “Yes” or “ok”.

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If you have trouble overwriting, take ownership of your original “hosts” file then try replacing it again. OR Google this: “how to take ownership of a file”

Step 4

Almost done. Open Photoshop. There will be a window asking for a serial number. Use one of these:


Now You Are Done!
If Any Problem With Trick, Then Feel Free To Ask.

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