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Airtel 3G/2G Free Unlimited Internet Working Trick

Hello Guys, Today I’m Coming With Airtel Free Internet Trick For Pc. 
And I’m Personally Tested It Infact I Used This Trick When I Write This. So Don’t Hesitate To Use This Trick.


This Trick Is Worked On Both 3G And 2G Without A Problem. Here Are Some Hacks And Tricks, I’m Try My Best To Make It Easy To Understand. The Trick Is Not Difficult But Bit  Confusing. So, Read The Article Carefully And Use Airtel 3G/2G At Best Speed.


This Trick Is Used With PD-Proxy Software. But By Defaults We Can Only Use 100 MB/Day By PD-Proxy Trick But I Have Another Trick To Make It Unlimited.


So, First Step Go To Below Link And Download The PD-Proxy Software.


After Download The Software, It Comes With A Zip File So, First Extract It To Anywhere In Your Pc. Now Leave It For Some Time.


Now Go To Below Link And Signup A New Account And Confirm Your Email Address.



Now Go To The Folder Where You Extract The PD-Proxy Software And Open PD-Proxy.exe Software.
If It Ask You To Install Driver Then Allow It And After That The PD-Proxy Software Will Be Open.


Make Settings Like Below In That Software.


Go To Settings And Select Click Here To Show Advanced Settings In PD-Proxy.

Then, Go To Proto Options And In UDP Server Port Enter 53.

See The Images Below For Easy Understand.


Airtel 3G Hack For Free InternetAirtel 3G Hack For Free Internet


Airtel 3G Hack For Free Internet
I Wish You Understand The Whole Process Given Above.


You Can Use Anything Like Mobile Or Airtel Data Card. And Select The Network Which Has Airtelgprs.com APN. Generally Its Already In Defaults Settings.


Now If You Want It To Use 3G Then Make Sure That 3G Is Already Activated On Your Card.
If Not, Activated It By Sending 3G To 121.


=>Important : Must Read
When You Use This Trick, Every Time You Connect Your Internet Using Airtel, You Will Be Charged 5 To 10 Paisa From Balance. So Use It at Minimum Balance.Because After Your Balance Become Zero, You Have Never Charged And Can Use It Unlimited Without Loosing A Bit.
It Is Good If You Already Use Zero Balance.
Now Connect Your Internet. After That Open PD-Proxy And Choose DEMO Server On Server And Protocol And Enter Your Username And Password Which You Have Created With PD-Proxy Before.
Now Click On Connect And
It Will Be Connected With PD-Proxy Server.


You’r Done..! But It Is Only Limited To 100MB/Day For One Account On PD-Proxy.
So Below Are Trick To Use Unlimited Internet Using The Trick.


Make 20-30 Accounts On PD-Proxy By Link Given Before For Signup.


Now Use Pendrive Or Any USB For Better Experience.


Steps Every Time You Needed To Do :


– Format Pendrive.
– Copy And Paste Downloaded PD-Proxy Software To That PenDrive.
– Extract It In That PenDrive If Not Done First.
– Open PD-Proxy From It And Do All Settings We Did Before. It Takes 10-20 Seconds.
– And Then Connect From One To One Account And Use 100 MB By All Accounts.

The Above Steps Will Be Need To Do Every Time You Use New Account.

Unless You Can Buy PD-Proxy Premium Account For Unlimited Use Of One Account.

If You Have No Pendrive, Then Make A 100-200 MB Drive By Shrinking Volume On Windows And Use Above Steps. To Know More About How To Do This, Then Click Here.

All Done..! Now You Have Airtel 3G With Great Speed And Unlimited Use. 


If You Have Any Question Or Problem Put A Comment Here Or Post On Any Of Our Forums Forum.MaherHackers.Com Or Z5Y.org
Please Share It With Friends To Help Us.

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