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Certificate Error Solution For Symbian Mobiles Phones

Getting “Certificate Error Contact the Application Supplier” everytime trying to install softwares and games on symbian smartphones? Than this article is only for you. In this post i will show you easy method to hack your smartphone and install any games or software to your phone. You don’t need pc to do it, You can do it within your mobile.

So, Here’s step by step guide :

Step 1

First of all you have to download 3 apps to start the process. I uploaded it individual so, you don’t need any zip extractor or anything else.

Download 3 apps below one by one to your phone :

Step 2

Now you have downloaded the 3 apps above, so you need to install “Norton Symbian Hack” to your phone and follow the procedure.

After you installed first app from above list, Launch the application and Go to Options -> Antivirus ->Quarantine list. And you’ll see some files listed there. Then Go To Options -> Restore All. You will ask to confirmation, Click Yes.

See the images below for easy understanding on this step. Click to Zoom

Now, after you restored all Quarantine items,Exit the app and Go to Settings -> App Manager -> Installed apps. And Uninstall Application named “Symantec Symbian Hack“.

Step 3

Now, Install the second application provided above named Rom Patcher. Then Launch the application and you’ll see 2 items listed there.

Now go to Options -> All Patches -> Apply And Then Options -> Add to Auto For Both.

Note : If you’re getting error like Red icon on rompatcher Then Download this file “InstallServers” and read the read-me file and find the appropriate file for your phone and copy the file Installserver.exe to C:/sys/bin. – Only if you getting errors on RomPatcher.

Step 4

Now we need to delete folder C:/Shared from phone, But the default file manager doesn’t allow us to delete it. So we need another file manager called Y-Browser to delete it. It’s provided in download link above on 1st step. After download install it and Launch Y-Browser and delete the folder C:/Shared from it.

After done all this steps, Restart your mobile, Just for refresh it.
That’s All. You can install any application or games to your phone now without any error.

Enjoy And Please Show Your Results In Comments.

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