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How To Backup And Restore Firefox Bookmarks!

Firefox bookmarks must be backed regularly to use when Firefox crashes. Backup and restore Firefox bookmarks is simple. Just follow listed below steps, even beginners can go through it. 1. Open Firefox2. On the Menu bar select Bookmarks –> “Show all bookmarks”3. In the “Bookmark Library” –> Select “Backup” from the “Import and backup” drop

Best Ways To Speed Firefox Internet Speed Instantly

1. Enable pipeliningBrowsers are normally very polite, sending a request to a server then waiting for a response before continuing. Pipelining is a more aggressive technique that lets them send multiple requests before any responses are received, often reducing page download times. To enable it, type about:config in the address bar, double-clicknetwork.http.pipelining and network.http.proxy.pipelining so their

Tips To Speed Up Firefox 3+

The release of Firefox 3 in its final version – as well as a record entered in the register of straight Guinness Book of Records – has brought with it a great deal of improvement on overall performance. But I have noticed that although the browsing speed was improved but the browser itself is slow especially on low memory pc’s. Making Firefox 3 Faster