Make free calls to 40 Countries(India Included)

Hello Friends,
With Tuitalk, You can make free international calls to over 40 countries. And yes India is included in this list. Tuitalk offers about 12 minutes of free calls each day (trick being to register with your extended profile).
TuitalkEach day Tuitalk gives its users 12 min of free calls. Yes you can make free calls to India worth 12 minutes every day. Your account is automatically credited with 12 min every day.
Here what you have to do.

1. Register at Tuitalk.
2. Activate your account and remember to fill your extended profile.
3. Now download Tuitalk voip softphone.
4. Login into voip softphone. You will see the free minutes.
5. To make calls to India dial (country code+number)eg 91989XXXXXXX.
6. You will be shown a small advertisement, then your call will be connected.
7. One more thing, the calling minutes are not even rounded off (no one minute rounding). So you get full 12 minutes talktime. Its actually very good..!!

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