Play Snake Game On YouTube While Video Loading

YouTube Is A Very Popular Site For Watching And Uploading Videos.And Its Has Ranked 3rd In All Over World According To Alexa Ranking.

For Slow Internet Connections Youtube Videos Are Loading Slowly And We Get Bored With It’s Buffering. So Why Not Get Fun While Video Is Loading?
Here Is A Trick That You Can Play Classic Snake Game On Video While Video Is Loading.

So Why Not Just Try It?

How To Play Snake Game?

Its Very Easy Tip, When Video Is Loading Just Press LEFT Aero + UP Aero Keys Together (Press Keys At a Time Together, Not One By One.).
Now Your Game Is Start. Enjoy….

You Can Try It at Belowed Video…Just Try This….

Any Questions? Then Ask Me…
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  2. SUNDAR February 14, 2012
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