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How to Get Old Facebook Chat back

Facebook, the biggest social network site updated many features like video call and now it changed its chat features as Sidebar chat, but its really annoying the users. We can’t see who are online, it will just show our few friends who are we interact most, it will be most irritating one for who have

Hack Facebook Fan Pages

Hello guys! after receiving a good responce from you i am posting a new trick here at MaherHackers.com, Well it will tell you about a new hacking technique and also will increase your knowledge so that you may not become victim of such hacks, But Always remember:Note: Never use these tricks to harm any innocent,

Funny Trick To Hack Facebook

If you really want to impress someone with your hacking skills then this trick will surely help you.Well this is actually not any hacking just a simple javacript trick but the other person will surely believe you as a hacker. So what can you do with this trick? You can edit content of any website

Free Facebook Themes For Download

Are you bored using Same Facebook Skins and Layouts in yours profiles want to change this dont worry it will be easy and take yours few mintutes to change yours Facebook themes. Just follow the guideline below and you will change your facebook theme in minutes and making your Facebook experience alot better than before

How to Hack Facebook Password

Are you curious to “Hack Facebook Password” well then this post is just for you, Most people ask me to tell them the easiest way to Hack Facebook Password, so here are some ways to that hackers take to Hack Facebook Password: 1.Facebook phishing 2.Keylogging 3.Facebook new features 4.virus See my article on 4 ways on how

4 Ways On How To Hack Facebook Password

In my previous post How to hack facebook password i told you about hacking facebook with phishing,Today i thought to uncover all the methods used to hack facebook password,I will cover 4 methods over here:1. Facebook Phishing2. Keylogging3. Social engineering4. Primary email address hackFacebook phishing: I have taken this method first because i think this is the most popular method/way