GeneratePress Review: Theme Review + Sample Design Template

With so many WordPress themes, it becomes a tough task to choose the best one. It really becomes difficult when the number of available options is in thousands. I struggled for over a decade without managing to find the ultimate theme carrying all the features I needed. Finally, I came across GeneratePress, arguably one of […]

7 Mistakes that New Affiliate Marketers Make (Must Read!!)

Monetization for quick online income has introduced affiliate marketing as a highly preferred strategy for passive online income. But does it really work for all? Not exactly! If you are also thinking about becoming an affiliate marketer, you need to avoid the most common mistakes, which the experts overlook when describing affiliate marketing as a […]

Does Advertising Really Make Money for Your Blog?

Blogging has emerged as a promising online income generator. So many factors come in and it often becomes difficult for new bloggers determine the right way forward. Advertising on the blogs is one of the most common practices, but does it really serve the purpose? Here’s what they don’t want you to know! It’s perhaps a […]

WPX Hosting Review: My Experience + 50% OFF Coupon

Web Hosting excites me. I am always trying different hosts for my hosting reviews. And every now and then, I get the idea to change the hosting of my main domains as well. For a few months now, I was seeing reviews of WPX hosting everywhere, and almost all reviews were positive. I was intrigued. […]

Blogging For Money – Everything You Need to Know!

Blogging may well become your next reliable and increasingly a consistent source of income, but the term “blogging” is often underrated. Most of us take it as more of a fun activity, yes it is, but for those who not only learn this art but actually turn it into a promising online money making activity. […]

Best Hosting For Affiliate Marketers in 2018

Making money online continues to evolve with the introduction of new techniques, better monetization strategies, and increasingly powerful hosting platforms. If you are willing to try your luck as an affiliate marketer, choosing a good hosting site for affiliate marketing becomes a vital consideration. If you’re ready to help your online passive income make a […]

Affiliate Marketing Vs Google AdSense: Which is More Effective?

What’s the best online money making activity these days? Arguably, it’s blogging. Having said that, the level of income becomes the next consideration. How much can you earn from blogging? It depends on how you proceed, which tools you use, and which monetizing strategy you select for your blogs. Unfortunately, scores of bloggers fail to […]

Why and How to Use Long Tail Keywords in 2018

Keywords are the foundation of the search engine optimization process. As the competition in organic search engine results is increasing, more and more businesses and individuals are turning to the use of long tail keywords. If your aim is to increase the traffic on your site and make it more accessible on the web, the most basic task […]