How to Make Affiliate Sales Without Even Selling

Are you worried about your selling skills? Are you worried about annoying your readership by pressing the paddle?

There’s no need to push beyond limits. You can actually make affiliate sales without any sales skills.

As a blogger, your responsibility is to serve your audience rather than pushing them towards making a purchase.

Be natural, keep doing the good work and affiliate commission will still keep coming.

Why Not Push For Sale?

Despite the fact that there is nothing wrong in telling your audience that you are an affiliate marketer, bloggers try to avoid doing this.

On the other hand, there are limits. You don’t want to act like a pushy salesperson. Nobody likes this, even you don’t like someone pushing you to purchase something.

You don’t have the upper hand, and when it comes to the online affiliate marketing, different factors rule the game as compared to those of conventional on-site selling.

You can’t afford to annoy your audience otherwise you’ll witness a decreasing trend in terms of the number of visitors to your blog.

Moreover, it is hard to convert occasional visitors into a consistent and engaging audience. You can’t afford to let them go by sounding more like a salesperson.

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How Can You Sell Then?

“Selling without even selling”, sounds funny, doesn’t it? You may think, “Well, this crazy person is trying to teach how to do something without even doing it!”

Not being pushy” is the natural art of selling, but people have learned to try different things, some worked for a decade, some worked even for centuries, but some didn’t work at all.

The online world has its own dynamics. I’ve learned from my experience that truthfulness is the best thing that increases online sales. Occasional sales don’t guarantee long-term success.

Trust is what makes things beneficial in the long run.

Even Google is ranking websites and blogs on the basis of the user’s satisfaction.

User engagement helps affiliate marketers because you manage to build trust, offer high-quality products/services, and serve your audience with a legit and reliable opinion.

What You Need to Avoid as an Affiliate Marketer

First, you need to make it clear that genuine selling doesn’t have anything to do with “being pushy”.

  1. They just need to know more and more about the product/service – Your audience isn’t really asking you to make decisions on their behalf. Why do they visit your blog? Because they want to know more about a product or service.
  2. Tell them what others don’t tell – There are a number of affiliate marketers promoting similar products. Why do people visit you? Because they either tried others or didn’t get the information they required, or they didn’t even visit others and are relying on your opinion.
  3. Give them as much information as you can – In either of the above-mentioned cases, you need to ensure the provision of all necessary details. What the product exactly is, how it really works, what’s the price, what the features are, the pros and cons, and maintenance cost etc. These are the standard requirements. But you need to think out of the box.
  4. Review based on user experience – This is vital and in most of the cases, this is what your audience is looking for. They are not really interested in the basics and the advertised features. They’re depending on your opinion. So your opinion becomes reliable and legit when you share the personal experience of using the product.
  5. Be truthful – You need to understand the importance of being truthful. Successful affiliate marketing works when the audience realizes that you have used the product, you have proper knowledge about the product, alternatives, and substitutes. And you can better analyze the price-performance ratio. This is why, I always recommend the affiliate marketers to first use the product for at least a week and then review it. Having a YouTube channel is a huge plus. You can embed product unboxing and review videos. This is the most important factor that contributes to the level of confidence your audience has in your opinion.

None of the above five factors forces you to behave like a salesperson.

You never need to push things beyond the limits. It is a good idea to first work on building trust through engaging posts.

In the meanwhile, work hard on your YouTube videos. This is an impressive combination to ensure consistent affiliate sales.

Keep things simple, guide your audience in the best possible way, and never ever mislead the readers. Misleading content may well be the last post on your blog because after that your regular visitors will never return.

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Be Mindful of the Affiliate Marketing Myths

If someone tells you that affiliate marketing requires ZERO investment, it’s enough to never trust him/her again.

These are myths crafted by the daydreamers and the people living in a fool’s paradise.

If you don’t invest, you can’t expect success.

Why do you need to invest a bit? Because you need to order some products, try them, create HQ YouTube videos, and then promote the product.

If you don’t even want to try the product for yourself, your audience will turn a deaf ear to whatever you say.

Though it’s not always necessary to try the products yourself, As long as you can review them extensively and provide all the details on your site.

Top Secrets to Selling without Having to Sell

In addition to the above listed factors, there are a few secrets to selling without even having to sell. Before I jump onto the secrets, you need to make sure what your objective is.

If your only intention is to make money, you’ll ignore the importance of user satisfaction.

You’ll make money through affiliate sales, but the number of sales increases with the increase in the satisfaction level of your audience.

This is why, value your visitors, and try to engage them as much as possible because this it leads to more sales and consistent income.

Sell the right product

Never try to jump in affiliate sales straight away.

You need to first build your blog, bring in traffic and then study your audience’s preferences.

This is how you can pick the right products. If you don’t even know what your audience is looking for, you’ll never manage to sell anything.

Communicate with your visitors

Comments play the most vital role in this regard. You need to encourage your visitors to drop comments about the post.

This is how it begins. Respect your audience by asking their suggestion to improve the blog or let them suggest the next topic, etc.

It helps you to make your audience feel more comfortable.

They start asking about different things related to the topic. They get more freedom to ask questions about the product. Their questions tell you what you missed to mention and what exactly the potential buyers are looking for.

It helps you a great deal when crafting the post in the future. You actually learn more about your audience and get new ideas which the “so-called Gurus” can’t even think about.

HOW-TOs – Passive Offer

Passive offers are one of the most powerful strategies to present the audience with engaging content along with the importance of the product.

Millions of internet users, as I type, are searching for the best ways to do something.

These posts are highly engaging because the readers concentrate on each and every step.

While trying to sell something online, you can think about creating a HOW-TO post that requires the likes of the products you are trying to sell.

The readers will show more interest in trying to know about the product. It automatically shows the audience how a product can serve them.

You have to include affiliate links to earn sales commission, but don’t overdo it.

I’ve always preferred from one to a maximum of two links per post.

The idea is, if your readers are interested and convinced, they’ll easily find the link even if it is included just once.

Using three or more than three links irritates your readers and has a psychological impact, presenting you as an old-fashion sticky salesperson.

Selling Is NOT a Crime

The idea of coming up with this post is to let you know the importance of not irritating your readers. Selling itself, by no means a crime, but it becomes evil if not done the right way.

It’s an art that continues to evolve with the changing environment, market, and purchasing behavior. Selling online is far beyond selling face to face.

You need to read your audience, their thinking pattern, their preferences and their purchasing behavior.

There is no need to try malicious tactics. There is no need to mislead your readers. The only best things you can do are, invest in affiliate marketing, devote yourself, be truthful, and emerge as a highly knowledgeable individual in relation to your blog’s subject and the products you promote.

Final Thought!

Affiliate marketing is an impressive online business opportunity, but it isn’t a “get-rich overnight” adventure.

Shortcuts don’t work, they never ever worked before.

Never entertain exceptional cases as rules. Keep working hard, never lose hope, and give your blog the due attention it requires.

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