Namecheap Promo Codes 2021 (New & Updated – 100% Working)

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It’s in human nature to get coupons and promo codes. Let’s dive deep and find more about the Namecheap and get the latest promo codes.

Namecheap Promo Codes

Namecheap Promo Codes

Here are the Promo Codes for different Namecheap services. Find appropriate promo code based on which Namecheap service you wish to subscribe to and get instant discounts.

Best Namecheap Promo CodesDiscount DetailsAvail Promo
50% OFF Shared Hosting50% OFF First Year

Avail Discount

Managed WordPress Hosting from $1$1 For First Month

Avail Discount

Up to 20% OFF VPS Hosting20% OFF First Billing

Avail Discount

50% OFF Dedicated Hosting50% OFF First Month/ Explorer Plan

Avail Discount

.com at $8.88Get .com at only $8.88 For a year

Avail Discount

35% OFF Essential SSL35% OFF First Year

Avail Discount

46% Off EV SSL46% OFF First Year

Avail Discount

68% OFF Namecheap VPN68% OFF Upto 3 Years

Avail Discount

Learn more about Namecheap and more details about Namecheap Promo Codes by scrolling below!

Crowded Competition in Hosting Space

When it comes to online presence, domain and hosting is a must.

You can’t sell your ideas, skills, or products without a page of your own.

As of now, digital space is full of the domain and hosting providers; only a few of them are on top of the mount of Olympus.

We would love to focus on Namecheap because of it’s “easy to use” interface and accessibility.

About Namecheap

Do you know that Namecheap is ICANN-accredited hosting and domain registrar?

Richard Kirkendall founded the company back in 2000.

Back then, the hosting industry was taking off, and no one believed in this space. As you see, fast forward 20 years, and Namecheap is dominating the world.

Inc 500 included Namecheap as one of the fastest-growing American companies in 2018.

That’s because of people working as a great team. Namecheap CEO Kirkendall is thankful and proud of every team member. He thinks that success only comes from people working for an idea to change the world to a better place.

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Namecheap Mission

The company is on a serious mission. They want to try the best and transform the digital space.

They want to be the best in the industry.

When it comes to being the best, they want to achieve it by having the most successful customer support, lowest prices, and easy to use interface.

Namecheap Hosting and Domain Services

When it comes to digital space, Namecheap is selling lots of services. Let’s start with hosting and explore the hidden secrets of it.

Shared Hosting services from Namecheap

Namecheap Shared Hosting Discounts

Namecheap has reliable hosting plans. You’ll find only three shared hosting plans if you explore their services page. The company offers two types of the payment systems.

Which one would you love to take – a monthly or yearly plan? Think and choose wisely. Both options have pros & cons.

Starter Plan “Stellar” – You have two options here. If you want a monthly plan, then the price would be $2.88 (cheapest on the market) or $15.44. Yes, the yearly plan is less expensive than we could imagine. You save 50% but paying all the money in advance. The plan comes with 20GB webspace, and you can host a maximum of 3 websites.

“Stellar Plus” (Popular) – Monthly plan stands for $4.88, and yearly plan could take up to $26.44. Again, when you pay in advance for the whole year, savings are precisely 50%. That could be the primary psychological point of choosing a yearly plan. For just $4.88, you get unlimited website space and host an unlimited number of websites.

“Stellar Business” – If you would love to have access to the auto backup tool and unlimited host website, then the “Business” plan is right for you. Keep in mind that the price is slightly different than the medium package. For example, the monthly cost stands for $8.88, and you can save precisely 50% if you pay in advance. Here you don’t need any promo codes Namecheap because you automatically save 50% while paying for a whole year.

What’s included in Namecheap Shared Hosting?

First of all, most of the online marketers choose Namecheap hosting because of Unmetered bandwidth. Keep in mind that every package comes with a website builder.

So, you can quickly build your first website without any other content management system. As the Namecheap representatives say, a website builder is heavily used. Most of their customers love website builders because of their simplicity and interface.

You’ll get free .website domain extension with all packages. Also, you get free privacy protection. When someone decides to check on the domain’s owner info, your privacy is in safe hands.

Free SSL is always included. Keep in mind that you’ll get a PositiveSSL certificate, which is the cheapest and most straightforward system to get online.

Money-back guarantee

Shared hosting plans come with 30 days money-back guarantee. If there is something unique that you don’t like after purchasing, don’t hesitate. Just open a ticket through the member area and ask for a refund. You are eligible for a refund for 30 days from purchase.

Namecheap Promo Codes for Shared Hosting

Here we found the latest working promotion codes that could benefit you while checking out on Namecheap. All of them are sufficiently related to shared hosting.

GROUPON30 – Get a 30% discount on any hosting plan you want. You can use it while buying shared hosting plans.

50% Savings on the yearly plan – You don’t need any Namecheap promo code. Shop an annual plan, pay in advance, and you’ll get a 50% discount as you’ll save lots of money.

Domain Names on Namecheap

Namecheap Domain Names

You can discover the latest domain extension at low prices on Namecheap. The company is famous for both domain and hosting services. Let’s dive deep and find the latest info and promo codes for domain names.

.Com domain – If you are a first time customer, then you can get.Com extension for just $8.88. It’s the lowest price on the market, so don’t hesitate to think more. For some people, renewal is more important. Namecheap offers you a renewal rate just at $12.98. So, do your due diligence and decide wisely — the first year for $8.88 and $12.98 from next year.

.Net domain – Regular price for first-year .net domain is $12.98; You can renew the domain at $14.98; There are no exclusive shopping deals with .net extension but still worth it because of Namecheap quality services. Keep in mind that whois guard system is automatically included. So, your info as a domain owner is in safe hands.

.Info domain – Biggest shopping deals going on right now is related to — info extension. If you are a first time customer on Namecheap, get a domain name for just $2.99; After a year, renewal price would go up to $13.88 as a regular cost. Don’t miss this chance, as it may not be around for too long.

.Biz Domain – If you have wanted to build a website for your business, then Biz extension is a perfect choice. Namecheap offers a huge shopping deal. Biz domain name. With the Whoisguard system included, domain names cost $8.48; Renewal rate stands for $14.87, and still, you are saving a lot of money.

First of all, let’s start with SSL Certificate. Do you know that every business needs an SSL certificate? To get trust from actual or potential customers, you should get an SSL certificate. As we have mentioned above, if you buy shared hosting plans from Namecheap, your domains will get an auto SSL system for free. It’s indeed the first level of green signs.

When it comes to trust and secure money transfers, people always seek for validation and certificates. Few top-tier companies give your business/e-commerce website a higher-level certificate. Namecheap offers massive discounts for those certificates.

47% Discount on EV SSL – One of the top companies in the SSL certificate industry. EV SSL gives you a green bar (essential when it comes to e-commerce and secure payment options). It’s not cheap, but with Namecheap, you can get a 47% discount on a one-year contract, but there is another big discount if you get a two-year contract. Namecheap offers a 50% discount if you pay two years’ money in advance.

34% Discount on EV Multi-domain offer – with a green bar and secure money transfers, you can also get three domain names for free. You also get 15 days money-back guarantee if there is some issue with your SSL certificate. For two years deal, there is better discount promotion – 36% if you pay in advance.

Additional Promotions and Discounts on Namecheap

There are different services on Namecheap. We are starting from private email hosting ending with WordPress services (Click here for quick WordPress setup guide). We would love to outline promotions for very popular and demanded products.

Private Email hosting – When it goes to business, it’s essential to have a web-based email service. There you can easily send and receive business opportunities, offers, and products. Namecheap offers private email hosting, and it’s cheap if you use coupon code.

You can have a free trial for the first two months and then switch to the yearly plan. It’s just $9.88 for a whole year, but you can decrease the price with the following code: KOOLMAIL; You get 25% off on the annual plan.

Domain Transfers – If you want to transfer a domain, then here is discount code from Namecheap: HEATUP5

Keep in mind that the Namecheap promo code is valid for the following domain extensions: COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, and INFO.

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