Tips for Getting Google Adsense Account Approved

After a lot of waiting I finally got my Adsense account approved yesterday. I had bought a domain some six months back and was trying for an Adsense account since then. But every time my application was rejected with a message “Unacceptable site content”.
This is an old post. Visit latest guide on getting Adsense account approved for new updated tips on creating your adsense account.
When I got this message for the first time, I thought there had been some mistake since my site has all the legitimate content. With time I realized the reason behind the rejection and also gathered some useful tips which can increase the chance of approval of your application significantly. Some of these are pretty obvious while others do not occur at the first thought.
But before that let me clear that “Unacceptable Site Content” does not necessarily mean you have written something which is in Google’s black list. It only means that your site does not follow one or more of Google’s Terms and Conditions.

Tips for getting Google Adsense account approved
  • Apply with top level domain i.e. instead of applying with, apply with
  • Apply only after your domain is at least six months old. This is necessary to ascertain that you are not a spammer.
  • In this period of six months, try writing as much good and original content as you can, which will help you get traffic.For if you don’t have a decent traffic there is no point having ads on your blog. Also concentrate on getting backlinks from top sites by writing guest posts and commenting on do-follow blogs. You can read some nice tips on link building to get an idea. Since Google generally updates page rank once every three months, this is the time to get a decent page rank, which will indirectly help you in adsense approval.
  • When providing personal information in Adsense program, use the same information which you have used during domain registration. This is necessary because Adsense team verifies it with the whois data of your domain.
  • While registering try to go for at least 2 years registration because this again ascertains the fact that you are a serious blogger and not a spammer looking to make some quick money. Spammers generally register their domain for 1 year.
  • I don’t say that if you have registered for 1 year, Google won’t approve your request. But you will definitely be eyed with suspicion.
  • It is difficult now to get adsense approval for blogs with attached to it. Even if you blog on blogspot try to use a custom domain. It doesn’t cost much. Godaddy,Ilovethisdomain and Namecheap are some good options to c
  • If even after following these tips your account is not getting approved, try to apply through other established services like Google Knol, hubpages etc.
Hopefully after following these tips you’ll be able to get your Adsense account approved. But once approved do not click your own ads as this will result in a permanent ban from Adsense.
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