Bluehost Vs WPX Hosting: Which Hosting is Right For You?

Bluehost Vs WPX Hosting

Bluehost (read my full review) is the most popular hosting provider while WPX Hosting (read my full review) is a most respected and praised hosting provider. So both are considerable hosts to choose from.

While Bluehost provides hosting services from as little as $3.95/mo, WPX Hosting provides hostings from $20.83/mo.

So let’s find out which one is right for your sites and needs.

About Bluehost & WPX Hosting

Bluehost was launched in 2003 when there were very few hosting providers out there. Bluehost made a name for itself by providing quality hosting services in affordable prices.

Bluehost was acquired by EIG in 2010 and it is now one of the most popular hosting companies in the world.

Bluehost currently hosts more than 2 million domains.

WPX Hosting was launched in 2013 and unlike Bluehost and many other hosting providers, they provide managed WordPress hosting packages only and not the standard shared hosting plans.

Many of the big brands and bloggers use WPX Hosting for their sites because WPX Hosting provides incredible server performance and value for money services.

Features Comparison

Bluehost and WPX Hosting different a lot from one another when it comes to features. So it’s a matter of which features are important and your budget when choosing between Bluehost and WPX Hosting.

Let’s compare their features:

FeaturesBluehostWPX Hosting
SSD StorageYesYes
Support Ratings3/55/5
WordPress Support3/55/5
Free BackupsOnly on Prime PlanYes
Free SSLYesYes
Free Malware ScanningNoYes
Site Migration$149Free
CDNCloudFlareWPX Cloud
Control PanelcPanelCustom Built
WordPress Staging AreaNoYes
Pricing from$3.95/mo$20.83/mo

SSD Drives

SSD Drives are faster, provides better performance and security than the standard HDD Drives. Most of the hosting companies have started using SSD Drives and Bluehost and WPX are no strangers.

Both hosts use SSD drives so your sites will perform better and your data is safe as well.

Free SSL Certificates

Every website should have an SSL certificate now because it’s becoming an industry standard and it’s even considered a ranking signal.

If your hosting provider doesn’t offer a Free SSL Certificate, it’s not a good host.

Fortunately, Bluehost and WPX Hosting both provide free SSL certificates. Not only that, setting up https on your site is fairly easy on both hosts, Though it’s very easy and fast on WPX Hosting.

Site Migration

If you are looking to move your websites to a new host, you will also need to migrate your website data from your old host to your new host.

Migrating your website from one host to another can be a difficult task.

So if you are not very good at doing that, you should find a host that provides website migration for free.

WPX Hosting provides website migration completely free and you can ask them to migrate as many websites you want to their server. Not only that, they will migrate your sites to their server within 24 hours of requesting.

Bluehost, on the other hand, doesn’t offer free migration. They, in fact, charge a $149 fee and can transfer up to 5 websites for you in that.

A big Bluehost rival SiteGround also offers free migrations, but Bluehost charges a very hefty fee for that.

Website Backups

Backups are important. Most of the web hosting provides offers a feature to automatically backup all your site data every day.

Bluehost doesn’t offer free backups on all plans, but you can enable backups by paying a small fee.

WPX Hosting, on the other hand, offers free backups and they will automatically backup your website data every day and keeps each backup for 29 days.

And if you want to restore any of your sites to any of the last backup, you can do so very easily from the control panel.

Control Panel

Bluehost uses standard cPanel like most of the other hosts. WPX has created its own custom control panel.

WPX’s control panel is very easy to navigate, even for a newbie. Though cPanel is easy to use too, it’s not as practical as WPX’s own control panel.

Though some like cPanel because they have been using it for years on different hosts.

All in all, both provide stable control panels to navigate and do changes on your sites.

Money-Back Guarantee

Both hosts, Bluehost and WPX Hosting offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you decide the hosting is not the right choice for you.

So you can sign up to any of the hosts without any worry.


Uptime is calculated in percentage based on how long your website has been up the past day, month or year. Bluehost and WPX Hosting both have good uptime.

Bluehost boasts of uptime of 99.99% while WPX promises an uptime of 99.95%.

All in all, both are good at keeping your sites online.

Bluehost Vs WPX: Loading Speeds

Website loading speed is very important. If your website doesn’t load quickly, your website visitor will abandon your page and find something else.

Not only that, Google too doesn’t like slow websites very much.

The website loading speed depends on a lot of things, but hosting performance is the most important thing.

If your hosting provider uses good hardware and software architecture, your websites will have good performance.

Here are the loading speeds of Bluehost and WPX Hosting:

The loading speed of a website hosted on Bluehost:

Bluehost website speed testThe loading speed of a website hosted on WPX Hosting:

WPX Pingdom Test

Pricing Comparison

Bluehost and WPX are polls apart when it comes to pricing. Bluehost shared hosting plans start from $3.95/mo for the first invoice while WPX plans start at $20.83/mo.

PlansBluehostWPX Hosting
Starter Plan (First Invoice)$3.95/mo$20.83/mo
Middle Plan (First Invoice)$5.95/mo$41.58/mo
Top Plan (First Invoice)$5.95/mo$83.25/mo
Starter Plan (Renewal)$7.99/mo$20.83/mo
Middle Plan (Renewal)$10.99/mo$41.58/mo
Top Plan (Renewal)$14.99/mo$83.25/mo

WPX Hosting is much more expensive than Bluehost, but they offer more server resources and features than Bluehost in return.

Also, all Bluehost’s cheap prices are for the first invoice only. When you have to renew, you have to pay bigger fees. So when purchasing a Bluehost plan, make sure to buy a plan for 2-3 years so you get a good deal at cheap prices.

Customer Support & User Satisfaction

Bluehost and WPX both offer 24/7 Chat, Phone and Ticket support. For a few years, Bluehost’s support is considered as not so good. But just recently, they started to offer better support with knowledgeable staff, etc.

WPX Hosting, on the other hand, is always known for providing excellent customer support. If you are one of those people who needs support very frequently, then there’s nothing better than WPX Hosting.

Here are their reviews on Social Media sites:

Bluehost Social Media Reviews

WPX Support Reviews

Bluehost Vs WPX Hosting Conclusion

Both hosts, Bluehost and WPX Hosting are good hosting providers and continue to improve their services.

If you are looking for a quality hosting and have no issue of budget, Then there’s nothing better than WPX Hosting.

But if you are looking for affordable hosting that gets the job done, Bluehost is a great option. It’s way better than other hosts like GoDaddy.

All in all, it depends on your needs and budget.

So whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Just choose the one that fulfills your needs.

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