Bluehost Vs HostGator: Head to Head Comparison

Bluehost Vs HostGator

Do you want to know which hosting platform is the best for your blog?

Are you still unable to make the right choice? Is Bluehost better than HostGator or is it the other way around?

This detailed Bluehost and HostGator comparison will help you out.

Remember, the comparison is based on the top five hosting features you need to look for.

It is not an easy task to compare two of the most popular hosting sites, but taking the features one by one can make things a lot easier.

Top 5 Hosting Features You Cannot Overlook

Though there are several factors to look for, some are highly significant.

You can’t think of compromising on those important features if you really want to build a promising blog.

In this comparison, I’ve selected the top 5 factors based on what is required for a successful blog.

  1. WordPress Compatibility
  2. Ease of Use (For Beginners)
  3. Security
  4. Speed
  5. Customer Service

You can’t really think of a blog/website without WordPress compatibility because it has just changed the online world and more and more successful blogs and websites prefer WordPress for one reason or the other.

User-friendliness, speed, customer support, and security are the prime factors you can’t ignore.

It is time to compare two contenders on the basis of these factors.

Let’s divide the comparison into five rounds and see which of these two wins the most.

ROUND 1. WordPress Compatibility

Serving over 25% of the total number of websites on the internet, WordPress becomes the most preferred platform for websites and blogs.

It is highly important for a hosting company to offer top-notch WordPress-compatible features. Users must not face issues with the WordPress installation, themes and plugins.

  • $2.95/month WordPress Hosting
  • Easy for the beginners
  • VPS powered
  • Optimized WordPress, starting from $19.99/month
  • $5.95 starting price for WordPress Cloud Hosting
  • 2.5x speed
  • Site Migrator
  • Enhanced security
  • Officially recommended by
  • Association with WordPress since 2005
  • Never recommended by
  • One-Click WordPress Installation
  • User-Friendly cPanel
  • Free migration from to HostGator
  • Instant One-Click WordPress Installation
  • Enhanced cPanel
  • Free SSL certification
  • CloudFlare CDN (free/requires no coding)
  • Customized control panel
  • ManageWP (pre-installation) with Premium Package
  • Malware scanning (daily)
  • SiteLock WAF
  • Advanced CDN
  • SiteLock Security
  • Automated Backups
  • Dedicated Backup Storage
  • SSL certification is NOT free
  • SiteLock security/malware removal
  • Global CDN
  • HackAlert Monitoring (daily)
  • Automatic CodeGuard
  • Automated Backup
  • 1-Click restore
  • NGINX architecture (Advanced)
  • VPS powered platform
  • PHP-FPM custom configuration
  • CND and Caching configuration
  • Low Density Server
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Multiple Caching Layers

Round 1 Winner?

As far as WordPress speed is concerned, HostGator takes the lead, but added security features, Free SSL, and recommendation helps Bluehost win this round.

Let’s move on to the next round.

ROUND 2. Ease of Use (For Beginners)

How easy is it for the beginners to use any of these two promising hosting platforms?

In this round, we’ll have a look at different features including money-back guarantee, domain registration, and site transfer, etc.

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • The guarantee doesn’t facilitate add-ons
  • 100% refund (within 30-days)
  • Partial refund (after 30-days)
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • Doesn’t facilitate add-ons and domains
  • Full refund (within 45-days)
  • Free domain name
  • One-year domain registration
  • Renewal of the hosting plan renews the domain registration
  • Doesn’t offer free domain name
  • Offers free domain transfer
  • $12.99 is the starting price for the new .com domain
  • Manual site transfer
  • Bluehost transfer service (5 sites max. and up to 20 email accounts)
  • Cost equals $149.99
  • FTP option required
  • Offers Free Migration
  • Valid 30-days after the purchase or upgrade of the hosting account
  • MOJO Marketplace for WordPress Installation
  • Installation option on the cPanel Dashboard
  • Also offers MOJO Marketplace
  • How-To tutorials for easy WordPress installation
  • How-To guide for an optimized WordPress site
  • On-site builder (Weebly)
  • Mojo Marketplace offers more options
  • Propriety site builder (free)
  • Drag and drop feature with intuitive interface
  • WYSIWYG functionality
  • Around 100 optimized templates (mobile-friendly)
  • Pre-built site sections
  • Free upgrades

Round 2 Winner?

HostGator wins this round for its extended features, free site migration in comparison of $149.99 charged by Bluehost.

But HostGator doesn’t serve you with a free domain name. Overall, HostGator is more convenient for beginners.

After Round 2, the score is 1-1. Let’s see who takes the lead in Round 3.

ROUND 3. Security

Security stands out as the topmost consideration for website and blog owners. You can’t even imagine your blog suffering from malicious files and unauthorized access.

If it happens, there can’t be a more terrifying nightmare than running a compromised blog.

Let’s see how these two popular hosts Bluehost and HostGator ensure foolproof security.

  • Auto-Generated backups (complimentary)
  • Custom scheduling
  • Doesn’t offer a backup guarantee
  • Recommends personal backup through cPanel
  • No auto-generated backups
  • Maintain your personal backup
  • CodeGuard (paid upgrade) for daily automated complete backups and 1-click restores
  • Shared SSL (free) only for the accounts using Shared IP
  • One SSL certificate for Pro as well as Standard accounts
  • One Dedicated IP for Pro and Standard accounts
  • Multiple SSL certificates and Dedicated IPs for VPS, managed, reseller, and dedicated accounts
  • Does NOT offer free SSL certificate
  • Free SSL includes
  • Company Validates
  • Domain Validated
  • Vildcard
  • Multi-Domain
  • Extended validated
  • These certificates don’t facilitate the Hatchling packages
  • Only the paid upgrades enjoy malware scanning
  • Spam monitoring
  • Site Verification Certificate
  • Malware Monitoring
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Site Doctor ($249.99/year)
  • SiteLock malware scans
  • HackAlert monitoring service (daily updates)
  • DDoS Protected Infrastructure
  • No advance warning about DDoS attacks
  • Protection against DDoS attacks
  • Custom firewall
  • Protected network-level flood

Round 3 Winner?

Bluehost takes the lead once again with better security features.

HostGator lacks the free SSL certification, which lets Bluehost come on top.

In addition, complimentary website backups also help Bluehost to perform better in terms of security.

So, with Bluehost 2, HostGator 1, let’s see if HostGator manages to bounce back in Round 4.

ROUND 4. Speed

You can’t compromise on the speed of your blog or website. If a hosting website fails to offer maximum and consistent uptime, you can’t choose it at any cost.

You have to facilitate your audience and if the speed is not up to the mark, your visitors will never return.

  • SSDs are not available with shared hosting
  • Server infrastructure offers SSD storage (enterprise level)
  • SSDs are not available with shared hosting
  • WordPress and Cloud hosting plans offer SSDs
  • Data center locations are secret
  • US, India, Europe and China facilitate these data centers
  • Tier 4 data centers in Utah and Texas
  • HVAC, backup generators and reliable electrical facilities
  • Controlled access to highly protected centers
  • Tier 3 certified servers
  • Superior uptime i.e. 99.982%
  • 1.6-hrs/year average downtime
  • Diesel Backup Generator
  • Quad-processors
  • Mirrored storage backup
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • 99.9% (guaranteed by HostGator) uptime thanks to the SLA
  • Linux container technology
  • Built-in redundancy
  • CloudFlare for Content Delivery Network
  • Global Network Routers
  • CloudFlare for CDN and Firewall Network Solutions

Round 4 Winner?

Well, there is nothing to choose between Bluehost and HostGator in terms of speed and uptime.

Both offer exceptional features and technologies to ensure the least possibility of downtime and consistent provision of maximum uptime.

Round 4 is a tie.

ROUND 5. Customer Service

It is important to get support at the right time when you really need it.

When it comes to website or blog hosting, you can’t deny the chances of minor or major issues so you need to remain prepared and ready to seek guidance.

For a hosting company, to guarantee top-level services, customer support is highly important.

Let’s see how HostGator and Bluehost customer service performs in the final round.

  • Dedicated Toll-Free Numbers
  • Tech-Support
  • WordPress Support
  • Hosting Support
  • Offers Support Tickets
  • Offers 24/7 Live Chat
  • Toll-free Numbers
  • Live Chat
  • Forums
  • Instant Chat (less than 10-minutes)
  • Instant Calls (toll-free numbers)
  • Instant Chat (less than 15-minutes)
  • Billing support may take from a few minutes to 24-hours
  • Instant calls
  • Professional team of experts serving 24/7-365
  • Sales
  • Account Management
  • Technical Support
  • Forums featuring the experts
  • Tutorials and videos available 24/7

Round 5 Winner?

Once again, both, HostGator and Bluehost offer promising customer support so there is nothing much different in what both of them offer.

It’s a tie again.

So the final score is…

Bluehost 2 and HostGator 1 and 2 ties.

It’s a really tough competition as both of these hosting companies are contributing more and more to the industry.

Both have attracted millions of clients from all over the world.

Both have an extensive and reliable history.

We’ve decided on the basis of minor differences that Bluehost is better than HostGator, but it doesn’t mean that HostGator isn’t a wise choice.

For an extensive review of each hosting, Check out our Bluehost Review and HostGator Review.

It depends on what you exactly need. It also depends on your budget because, at times, the additional features may cost you more in the case of Bluehost.

On the other hand, you can’t compromise on those additional features.

So this is it for our comparison of Bluehost vs HostGator. I hope you found what you were looking for.

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