Blogger Vs WordPress 2012 : What is Better?

Blogger and WordPress are best and popular blogging platforms today. More and more Internet users are going to use it. But the most confusing part is what to choose and why. So, here’s full comparison of Blogger and WordPress with all pros and cons.

Blogger :

Blogger is free blogging platform owned by Google. And the best part of Blogger is it’s completely free. As Well, it also provides free domain with extension And you can also use your own custom domain with it. It’s extremely easy to setup and manage blogspot blog. 

Publishing content is really easy with blogger. And you don’t need to backup database or anything. Allow you to display ads like Google Adsense and amazon, etc. As well as it’s completely ad free.

There are also some cons of blogger. Like, Maximum of 1GB Storage, No FTP support, Limitation of designing compared to WordPress and many more.

WordPress :

WordPress is Most Powerful and popular CMS (Content Management System) of all time. It’s divided in 2 parts : and self-hosted. is a hosted version of Providing free platform with limited features as well paid with premium features. I personally not recommended because most of the themes and plugins not working with free version. is open source free software. Anyone can download WordPress software from and install on their server. It’s completely free and no limitation to use it. But you need to pay your hosting fees to your hosting provider.

Self hosted WordPress is very flexible since it’s open source. You can customize it as you want. You own it on your server so you have full control over it. You can use and install any free or premium themes and plugins on it. There are tons of themes and plugins available on web. It’s fully search engine friendly and you can also define your own custom meta tags. And it’s take less than 5 minutes to install it on your server.

WordPress self hosted has also some cons Like, You have to buy your own hosting and domain name. It’s looks complicated first time you start using it. But it’s very easy and you can learn it easily. You need to backup databases yourself, But it’s not a big thing.

So, if you’re going to make a professional site or blog than i recommended self hosted. And if you just starting blogging and don’t want to spend money, Than Blogger is good choice for you.

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