Marketers Delight Review: The Best Premium WordPress Theme

Marketers Delight Review - Best Premium WordPress Theme

If you don’t know about the Marketers Delight WordPress theme, you’re missing out.

But don’t worry, I am here to provide you a detailed review of the fastest WordPress theme, Marketers Delight!

Only after using the theme for some time and installing it on most of my sites, I decided to write this Marketers Delight review so I can help others like me make an informed decision.

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How WordPress Themes Have Evolved

A few years ago, If I wanted to try a new theme on my site, I would often go to a theme that provides too many features, animations, and effects. And that was a big mistake.

Those themes come with too much baggage. Like slow loading times, use of too many resources, and some even crash users browsers while loading all those unnecessary scripts.

Now I understand that when looking for a theme, we need to look for a theme which is:

  • Simple
  • Minimalist
  • Loads faster
  • Well-coded
  • Doesn’t use unnecessary scripts

A theme like that would be hard to find because not many theme developers think about those things, they think about selling the theme, that is all.

And to do that, they fill it up with so many unnecessary features and scripts.

Marketers Delight WordPress Theme is designed to give all the necessary features to bloggers to make their blogs fast, elegant and professional without loading too many scripts and slowing down the site.

Read the Marketers Delight theme review to know more about this theme and what you can do with it.

Marketers Delight Review

A Simple, Well-Coded Theme

When I first purchased the Marketers Delight Theme (Coupon) and downloaded the theme files, I was amazed that the theme was 337kb in size.

I was used to using themes that were above 1MB in size, so for a minute, I thought this theme might not give me all the features to make my site look good and functional.

But once I started using it and making changes, I found that it was the most powerful WordPress theme I have ever used. And I have used way too many themes in the past on my sites.

The theme also comes with a simple Child theme, which you can use to make simple changes to your blog without affecting the original theme.

You can add various unique features to the theme by copy/pasting simple codes to your child theme from Marketers Delight site.

The Fastest WordPress Theme

I know it’s a huge claim to make, but this is the fastest WordPress theme I have ever used.

After switching to the Marketers Delight theme, my site is loading way too quickly, I never expected that.

The posts and pages that used to take 6-7 seconds to load before are now loading in just 1-2 seconds.

Here is the latest speed test of MaherHackers on GTMetrix: (Hosted with WPX Hosting)

Page Load Time Test

And the Pingdom Speed Test:

MaherHackers Pingdom Speed Test

Incredible, huh?

Lots of Customization options

Marketers Delight Customisation Options

A theme that makes simple editing difficult should be deleted from the site right away. Fortunately, Marketers delight offers the best customization options to make your blog your own and stand out.

Instead of giving backend customization options like most of the other premium themes do, Marketers delight offers most of the options in Customize settings.

So you can edit your site and see live changes as you make them.

You can change almost anything on the site including colors, fonts, paddings, spaces, and so much more and different settings for each place like header, footer, content, and sidebar.

Besides that, it also has a simple but powerful back panel too, from there, you can disable the features you don’t require and configure some options for which you usually have to use a different plugin.

Marketers Delight Settings Page

Marketers Delight Features

Even after being so minimalist, Marketers Delight still offers so many features that you will need for your blog.

With Marketers Delight, you don’t have to use any additional plugin for popups. Most popup plugins available online are resource-heavy and slows down websites to a great extent.

So Marketers Delight provides an option to add interactive and minimalist popups to your websites very easily.

Here is one of the examples of popup made using Marketers Delight:

Marketers Delight Popup

Share Buttons

Adding Social share buttons to a blog is a must to get your blog posts shared on social media without doing anything.

With most websites, you have to use a plugin to get share buttons on your site and even with that, you can’t configure it to match your site’s design and look good without any additional load.

Marketers Delight provide options to add floating share buttons on sides of the content area, and sides of the screen. And Inline share buttons Before headline area, after headline area and after post.

The share buttons look very elegant on the site gives it a distinct look as well as providing the value.

Marketers Delight Share Buttons

Page Leads – Make Unique Lead Pages

The theme provides a unique way to create visually appealing and conversion driving lead pages that can be created without any technical skill required.

Marketers Delight Lead Pages

You can turn any page into an interactive lead page easily without using any page builders.

Google Fonts and Typekit Fonts

I don’t need to explain to you the importance of using the right fonts on your website or blog. Fonts make all the difference in the looks of the website.

Marketers Delight offers an option to use Google Fonts and Typekit Fonts on the site without using any plugins or editing any code.

In the customizer page, you can configure which fonts to use for your site. You can even set different fonts for different headings and other areas.

Feature Image Options

Featured Image Options

This is one of my most favorite features. Marketers Delight offers 7 different featured image options to give your posts a distinct look.

With any other WordPress themes or Premium WordPress themes for that matter, you get a default option to select an image and add that as featured image, there are no options to change locations and designs.

But with Marketers Delight, you can create unique featured image designs for your posts, and make your blog professional without coding.

Custom Sidebars

Adding custom sidebars to the different posts and pages helps you add customized sidebar content, and add specific offers to the topic of your post or page.

Marketers Delight includes an easy to use Custom Sidebar option in the theme by default. So you can create as many custom sidebars you want and assign them to different posts.

MD Custom Sidebars

Layout Options for Posts & Pages

MD Page/Post Layout Options

The theme provides many options to make each post or page unique by removing any elements on the page.

On the post page, you can choose to remove the header, logo, tagline, menu, items from the content box, remove footer elements and assign a sidebar.

You can also change the sidebar’s position to left or right depending on your choice, for individual posts.

You can do this for each individual post and page.

Not many so-called premium themes provide these many options for blog posts.

With some trial and error, you will find your own style for the blog and the blog posts using the customizer and these layout options.

Page Builders Support

To build elegant and professional homepages, sales pages, lead pages, and to make your content stand out with extraordinary design elements, Most people use Page Builders.

There are many page builders out there like Beaver Builder, Elementor, Divi and so on but after trying each of them, I found Thrive Architect to be the best.

I am using Thrive Architect on MaherHackers and it is a must-have for any WordPress website. The plugin works with the theme without any issues.

Marketers Delight provides support for these page builder by providing Builder Template option.

If you want to edit a page or post with the page builder, just select the Builder page template and Marketers Delight will give your page builder complete access to that page.


No matter how good a theme is, for the initial few days, you might need some help here and there to get a better understanding of the theme.

The Marketers Delight Developer Alex provides excellent support for the theme, which I still haven’t found anywhere else on the web.

After purchasing the WordPress theme, you get access to the MD community forum.

You can browse other users’ posts there or you can create your own topic and ask for the help on whatever problem you’re having.

You can also email directly to him and get help on any issue.


A theme that doesn’t get updated very often shouldn’t be allowed to call itself a premium WordPress theme.

Updates are very important in web space, To stay up to date with new WordPress updates, to get new features, to improve the code and for the security of your sites.

Marketers Delight gets updated frequently and there’s always something going on. So you can always expect to receive new updates and features to the theme.

Not only that, if you have any feature requests, you can ask Alex and if the idea is good, he’ll add that feature in the next update. How cool is that?

Best for Adsense & Affiliate Marketing

If you are a blogger and want to use the theme for your affiliate marketing blog or you want to use Google Adsense with it, Marketers Delight is a perfect theme for you.

It is flexible enough to use with Adsense and you can even create different kinds of posts and pages because of the availability of different features.


That’s it for our review of the best premium WordPress theme, Marketers Delight.

Whether you’re a blogger or web developer, you won’t find a better theme than this, anywhere on the web. In my opinion, it’s even better than the popular theme GeneratePress.

So if you’re looking for a good WordPress theme for your site, give Marketers Delight a chance, it won’t disappoint you.

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  • In the WordPress age of pagebuilder plugins to make a huge loading site. I always prefer to visit websites that are clean. Also, I am using a lightweight theme for my blog.

    Finally, I found that the Marketers Delight theme is another great solution for a clean and ultra-first blog and website!!!