Blogger Vs WordPress 2012 : Which is Better?

Blogger and WordPress are best and popular blogging platforms today. More and more Internet users are going to use it. But the most confusing part is what to choose and why. So, here’s full comparison of Blogger and WordPress with all pros and cons.

Blogger :

Blogger is free blogging platform owned by Google. And the best part of Blogger is it’s completely free. As Well, it also provides free domain with extension And you can also use your own custom domain with it. It’s extremely easy to setup and manage Blogspot blog.

Publishing content is really easy with blogger. And you don’t need to backup database or anything. Allow you to display ads like Google Adsense and Amazon, etc. As well as it’s completely ad-free.

There are also some cons of blogger. Like, Maximum of 1GB Storage, No FTP support, Limitation of designing compared to WordPress and many more.

WordPress :

WordPress is Most Powerful and popular CMS (Content Management System) of all time. It’s divided into 2 parts: and self-hosted. is a hosted version of Providing free platform with limited features as well paid with premium features. I personally not recommended because most of the themes and plugins not working with free version. is open source free software. Anyone can download WordPress software from and install on their server. It’s completely free and no limitation to use it. But you need to pay your hosting fees to your hosting provider.

Self-hosted WordPress is very flexible since it’s open source. You can customize it as you want. You own it on your server so you have full control over it. You can use and install any free or premium themes and plugins on it. There are tons of themes and plugins available on the web. It’s fully search engine friendly and you can also define your own custom meta tags. And it takes less than 5 minutes to install it on your server.

WordPress self-hosted has also some cons Like, You have to buy your own hosting and domain name. It looks complicated first time you start using it. But it’s very easy and you can learn it easily. You need to backup databases yourself, But it’s not a big thing.

So, if you’re going to make a professional site or blog than I recommended self-hosted. And if you just starting blogging and don’t want to spend money, Than Blogger is a good choice for you.

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  • pawan says:

    Blogger Is Best

  • sushant gupta says:

    WORDPRESS blog are far much better they have more and better options than blogger
    EVEN this wonderful website is also hosted in wordpress

  • Anonymous says:

    u must now wordpress have many plugins + premium theme … only professional design will choose wordpress
    i choose wordpress 🙂

  • byDina says:

    Yap, good article. This is my answer.
    Thank you very much for sharing this information.

  • I agree with most other comments. Blogger is definitely the better option for free blogs. It gives you way more options than the free WordPress. If you want full control of your blog, then it best to use
    Great article. Very helpful.

  • Ayo says:

    Thank u guys,info was well taken, tremendous help,but here’s my issue, I tried to purchase an online whatever, after purchase I am now told to get webhost bfore I can start making money, I am very low on cash badly in need of something to keep a shelter over my head and now have no clue how to get up and running with something to help me financially. In fact, i have no clue how to get a free sites up and running on my own, is anyone out there willing to help me get something legitimate up and running now please? Thanks.

  • Masaru says:

    If you want a simple blog and don’t need a lot of plugins or static pages, then Blogger probably meets your needs just fine. WordPress does give you more options to customize. Many of the most popular websites use WordPress as a platform, including CNET.

  • turkish says:

    free blog for blogspot, paid to host for wordpress even better

  • Thanks for the info. I have a blogger account for new home info and was considering word press. But I will try to make use of what I have.

  • DailyMisLeader says:

    I had a blogger blog. I posted some political stuff, nothing bad at all. I wrote an article about our local news company and how they lied about some facts. Next thing you know my blogger blog was flagged as spam. Google never got back to me about it. WTF?
    Going blogger for any kind of serious blog, politics, fitness, techie, gaming, BAD idea. It could some day just drop out from under your nose.

  • Atique says:

    At present blogger is a nice blogging platform as now it is more seo friendly than previous time. After all both are good for their own features.

  • abacar says:

    Blogger deletes your blog if it suspects spamming or high traffic or sometimes at random. Blogger zaps thousands of blogger sites daily. They don’t give any reason why or reply to your email. Some people have already built 2 years of blog materials and thousands of flowers, and then one day, zapped!! No reason at all. You don’t even have a backup. You have to start from scratch again.
    It’s better to pay for your blog site than hosting it on a free site. WordPress offers a free installer so you can install it on your own server. You can customize and add gadgets just like blogger. You can even back up your materials.
    Blogger is too dangerous to put your blog there. One day, your blog will be gone for good. All your hardwork kaputt!!

  • Anthony says:

    I do not like word press since it is too slow to load. It also lacks cool features for customization.

  • SRTO says:

    …is signing up for one of these (let’s say Blogger, for now) – then depending on growth – converting the entire blog (to, for example) possible? I recall seeing other blogs that say “we’ve moved here…” so I’m assuming not – but worth asking. I think this is the biggest factor in my choice – would love advice!

  • Good Information.I want to convert my blog to WordPress. It helps me decide it.

  • Yoyoyo says:

    Thk you.. I think I should move to blogger blog now.. Shame…

  • Blogger is superb! then WordPress … Blogger load Faster then WordPress but WordPress have some More Option then blogger and have more superb! Style then wordpress But wordpress with this feature also don’t bet Blogger……………………

  • Olly says:

    Agreed, Blogger is so much better than WordPress! Ok, WordPress might have more options etc. But it is so incredibly slow! Its like acer vs dell…